Queen doesn’t eat traditional scones – afternoon tea classic made with unusual flavours

With houses up and down the country, planning on hosting special Platinum Jubilee street parties, one British classic set to be on the tables is scones. But how does the Queen like hers? According to Buckingham Palace’s Head Chef, Chris Tombling, the scones he prepares for the monarch feature a variety of jams dolloped onto a layer of clotted cream – but none of them is the classic strawberry flavour. 

Chris shared his number one tip when making scones – the royal way. 

“Mix it very lightly, let the dough rest, let it prove, roll it out gently and then punch them out nice and sharp to get the definitive shape,” he told ITV This Morning’s chef, Phil Vickery, during a visit to the royal kitchens earlier this week. 

Some chefs milk the top of the scones before they go into the oven, but the Queen’s chef uses egg instead. 

After 12 minutes in the oven, the scones leave the oven looking fluffy and golden. 

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They are then cut in half and then the age-old debate is discussed. 

“Jam or cream first?” Phil asked and Chris replied: “Cream.” 

To go with the cream, there were several options for jams. 

“I didn’t realise you have Buckingham Palace honey?” Phil remarked. 

Chris explained: “Yes, it’s from the gardens in the Palace. We have our own beehives.” 

Phil picked up the next jar and read the label: “Windsor white peach jam?” 

“Peaches are from Windsor Castle estate,” the head chef revealed. “We also get apricots, we’ll be expecting them in the upcoming months.” 

“Blackcurrants, where do they come from?” Phil asked referencing another choice of jam, and Chris said: “Balmoral.” 

Phil then joined presenters Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby to discuss his visit to the royal kitchens and the jam or cream first debate resumed. 

Holly asked: “The big question is; has the controversial cream tea debate finally been settled?” 

“Well, it hasn’t! It just got even bigger,” Phillip remarked. 

“You see, I’ve got to sit on the fence here – Chris showed me that way [cream first then jam], and here, that’s the way it’s done,” chef Phil commented. 

Phillip explained: “I grew up in Cornwall, I’m very much the other way around [jam first then cream]. 

“Earlier this morning, I did say ‘Is there any way I could just have one the other way around with the jam first then the cream on top’. I was told, very politely, ‘that is not the Buckingham Palace way.’” 

Chef Phil added: “When you come here you see, you eat exactly what Her Majesty eats.” 

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