Queen Camilla’s son Tom Parker Bowles brands Coronation recipe ‘awful’

Queen Camilla has two children with her ex-husband Andrew Parker Bowles – Tom Parker Bowles and Laura Lopes. Tom, who is a food writer and critic, appeared on The News Agents podcast where he discussed his opinions on Coronation Chicken.

Tom said: “If you think of contemporary Coronation food, it goes back to the 50s and Constance Spry and Coronation Chicken, which in its original incarnation wasn’t that bad, I don’t think.

“It was sort of roasted chicken with a little bit of fresh curry powder. But what happened over the years is it became this awful, turgid, sad, sort of gloopy mess, yellow, horrid.

“I mean Coronation Chicken done badly is appalling. And I think what started off as something quite nice and probably quite exotic for the 50s has now become something really horrible.”

Tom disclosed the foods that his mother, the Queen Consort, would not approve of being served at the Coronation.

He opined: “Chilli, garlic. I think that garlic can make your breath smell somewhat so I think just for purely social reasons you wouldn’t have garlic.

“She doesn’t like chilli. She doesn’t like massive spice. And I think if you’re walking around, and I do not speak from experience on this, but you’re walking around and meeting lots of people… I think you have to be a little bit careful not to get the tummy too excited.”

The Queen Consort has been open in the past about the Royal Family’s dislike of garlic.

When she made an appearance on the programme “Masterchef Australia,” Queen Camilla confirmed the family’s position against garlic.

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In terms of foods that the royals won’t consume, Camilla said: “I hate to say this, but garlic. Garlic is a no-no.”

She added that having garlic breath is not a good idea because members of the Royal Family are always conversing and meeting new people.

However, Queen Camilla has plenty of foods that she does like, according to her son.

Tom added: “She just loves fresh fish and fresh vegetables. She has a really nice vegetable garden at home.

“She loves fresh vegetables. Her peaches that she grows. She really loves gardening, and she always has done… When we grew up, she was a good cook.”

The host Emily Maitlis asked Tom if he had any input for the Coronation menu, which the Queen Consort’s son denied.

He stated: “Absolutely not, no… Because Mark Flanagan who’s the executive chef of Buckingham Palace is an incredibly talented, experienced chef.

“The last thing he needs is some upstart food critic coming to sort of say well what about this or what about that?

“He’s dealt with hundreds of state banquets, he’s dealt with jubilees and he’s a really, really good chef. So, I wouldn’t dare start telling him what to do.”

In 2001, Tom started writing a cuisine column for Tatler. He has been a food writer, critic, and presenter since 2002.

Tom has written seven cookbooks, and in 2010 he was recognised for his work on British cuisine by the Guild of Food Writers.

He is well-known for his appearances as a judge on several television food programmes and for his restaurant evaluations for GQ, Esquire, and The Mail on Sunday in both the UK and abroad.

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