PSA: You Can Buy These Adorable Halloween Pyrex Containers at Target

Target Pyrex Halloween

It’s no secret that we’re suckers for a good Pyrex. Whether it’s vintage, designed by a celebrity chef, or stealing the spotlight on our favorite TV show, there’s always going to be a special place in our hearts for the tried-and-true food storage brand. 

That’s why we were absolutely thrilled to discover these insanely adorable Halloween-inspired Pyrex containers at Target. 

That’s right—you can store your Halloween cookies in not one, not two, but three unique and spooky patterns this year. 

There’s one adorned with friendly bats…

Bat Pyrex

Buy it here: Target, $5.99

…another covered in creepy mummies…

Mummy Pyrex

Buy it here: Target, $5.99

…and, our personal favorite, a cute cat-themed bowl.

Cat Pyrex

Buy it here: Target, $5.99

Each container holds 32 ounces and costs $5.99. 

If you’re looking for ways to fill your brand new festive Pyrex purchases (because, who are we kidding, they’re already in your cart), we’ve got you more than covered. 

Check out our 75 best Halloween-themed dessert recipes below. 

There’s nothing artificial about these dramatically hued treats. Supermoist (and whole-grain) chocolate cupcakes get their blackout color from black sesame seeds and antioxidant-rich dark cocoa powder. These desserts are delicious and better for you, with every bit of fun, festive flair you crave.

Landing somewhere between adorable and slightly spooky, these Halloween spider cookies are sure to fulfill all your creepy-crawly sweet needs for your upcoming Halloween festivities. Using a classic cut-out butter cookie dough keeps the edges of your spider cookies shape neat and clean—no worries about the cookies expanding when they bake. Decorate these Halloween cut-out cookies with black gel icing, royal icing, candy eyes, orangle and black sprinkles, or whatever fun decorations you have on hand. These cookies make for a playful, spooky food craft that grown-ups and kids alike can enjoy.

Decorate mini chocolate cupcakes for the perfect Halloween treats by topping them with whipped topping in the shape of spooky ghosts and chocolate chips for their ghastly expressions. These cupcakes are perfectly portable and great to bring along to a your next Halloween bash! 

Prepare this decadent, chocolate-frosted cake for a festive Halloween dessert. 

This festive candy corn-colored cake is sure to impress your Halloween guests. 

These spooky spiderweb cupcakes for Halloween are easier to decorate than you think. Simply frost in white icing, then pipe black icing in concentric circles and drag a toothpick through them to create the webbed effect. For kid-friendly cupcakes, use water instead of bourbon in the frosting.

Spun-sugar recipes typically involve flinging hot liquid sugar across a setup of dowels and newspaper. It’s messy and, frankly, a little bit frightening. Here’s a much easier method that requires nothing more than a few forks and a small upturned bowl, and you can do it on your kitchen counter. The results–golden, airy sugar webs–make excellent Halloween cupcake toppers. (This recipe makes extra, so you can choose the prettiest ones.) For a bigger cobweb to top a cake, just use a large bowl. Make sure you do this on a dry day, though; humidity will make the webs collapse.

Prepare for a  sweet scare when these adorable Halloween ghost cookies are all iced, decorated, and ready to party. Super easy and kid-friendly to make, these butter cut-out cookies coated with royal icing are the perfect dessert for your Halloween spread. Candy eyeballs add a playful, whimsical touch to these spooky treats, but you could also use black icing to draw eyes on your ghost cookies. Using a classic cut-out butter cookie dough keeps the edges of your ghost cookies shape neat and clean—no worries about the cookies expanding when they bake. Whip up a batch with the kids and let them go to town with the decorating for a fun Halloween kitchen activity.

Starting with refrigerated, store-bought cookie dough, these cooky Frankenstein cookies are an easy Halloween baking project to whip up this year. That said, packaged cookie dough is made to spread, so if you’d rather your Frankenstein cookies have rectangular or otherwise shaped faces (as opposed to these round-faced cuties), you can use a classic cut-out cookie dough that will better hold its shape.

TIP: Let fresh-baked brownies chill, uncovered, overnight. For a perfect slice, cut while they’re cold. Serve at room temperature.

Halloween desserts definitely call for having a little extra fun in the kitchen. This kinda-cute, kinda-creepy Graveyard Cake is easy to make, fun to decorate (so recruit the kids’ help), and is sure to be a perfectly spooky centerpiece for any Halloween dessert table.

Make this too-cute Halloween food craft with just two ingredients and a bit of assembly. Using prepared cookie dough as a “cob,” simply press kernels of candy corn into place to create a sugary look-alike of corn on the cob. Making these candy corn cobs is an easy and fun Halloween project for kids, and the completed corny confections could be used as playful name card holders for a Halloween dinner party.

What better fall-inspired dessert to make than this tahini-glazed pumpkin bundt cake. A medley of fragrant, ground spices enhance the rich sweetness of this incredibly moist bundt cake. Topped with a toasty, perfectly bittersweet tahini glaze, this  easy to make and comforting fall dessert is the perfect centerpiece for your next dinner party, Halloween gathering, or special occasion.

This freaky-delicious treat serves up classic flavors with a Halloween twist. Impress your guests with sweet cherry filling in flakey puff pastry… in the shape of a human hand.

Brown butter takes these rich, seasonal pumpkin chocolate chip cookies to the next level, adding a nutty, fragrant flavor that is absolutely perfect for fall. Canned pumpkin puree lends moisture to these fluffy, cake-like treats while warm chocolate chips fill every bite. Make these for a Halloween party or a fall dinner party, and be sure to store any leftovers in an airtight container.

Our two-bite treats are scary-simple to make and a ghoulishly good addition to your spread of haunted sweets. When it comes time to wrap the mummies in chocolate, let the kids help out for a fun holiday craft.

If you need a break from rainbow-smattered sweets and unicorn-coated everything, these deliciously dark doughnuts are exactly what you’re looking for. A bright lemony glaze balances the warm toasty flavors delivered by black sesame seeds for a balanced, not-too-sweet doughnut. Being an oven-baked doughnut, this recipe is perfect for the first-time doughnut maker or anyone who’s not trying to spend their Saturday morning cleaning up a deep-fry station in their kitchen. We used black food dye to intensify the darkness of these doughnuts, but feel free to leave it out if you’d prefer. Beyond being an incredibly tasty way to boycott rainbow foods, these black sesame doughnuts are the perfect treat to whip out for Halloween. 

With a rich, gooey pumpkin spice filling, buttery pecan streusel topping, and maple glaze, this fluffy and moist pumpkin coffee cake is sure to impress. Perfect for any occasion, from your next fall brunch to a Halloween party, this coffee cake is easy to make and full of toasty fall flavors.

Frosted Brown Butter Blondies

These festive Red Velvet Cobweb Cupcakes are as delicoious as they are detailed. 

Wash apples well to remove any waxy coating, and dry thoroughly before dipping them. Work quickly, but if the syrup begins to set, you can reheat it over low heat to liquefy.

Your little human monsters will love decorating brownies with chocolate, marshmallows, and M&M’s to make these sweet treats. For the base, we doubled the recipe for Dark Chocolate Brownies, baking it in a 9- by 13-in. pan and omitting the glaze. Thin, flat chocolate bars work best for the faces.

For the Halloween crafter inside all of this, this simple Halloween sheet cake is a fun, easy dessert to make. Devil’s food cake is very dark chocolaty color, but a red velvet cake would look just as fitting and festive for the bat, too. Piping bags and tips are found in craft stores or specialty baking shops. Be sure to cut the cake rounds in the prescribed order so that the bat’s head with ears comes out as 1 of the cuts.

These bars make a fun Halloween treat, and they’re very flavorful: the green tea frosting cloaks a chewy-soft coconut-lime cookie. They’re easy enough that the kids can help you make them.

This incredibly fudgy flourless chocolate cake is a much better way to satisfy your own spooky sweet cravings than dipping into your kids’ Halloween candy. Dark and delightful, this rich and chocolatey cake only requires five ingredients and about an hour to pull together.

Those fancy Halloween slice-and-bake cookies are a breeze to make at home thanks to a little food coloring. And trust us, these candy corn cookies are infinitely more delicious than the Halloween candy they’re inspired by (no offense if you like candy corn). Easy to make and absolutely adorable, these autumn-inspired treats are as perfect to send for the kids’ school Halloween party as they are to bring to your own fall festivities. You can even prep the dough a few days in advance and refrigerate, so that baking off the candy corn cookies is a breeze on the day you plan to eat them. Just follow the recipe through step 3, and be sure to wrap the loaf pan tightly with a few layers of plastic wrap. 

 Photo: Jennifer Davick; Styling: Linda HirstOrange Angel Food Cupcakes with Candy Corn ButtercreamOrange Angel Food Cupcakes with Candy Corn Buttercream Recipe

This citrus-flavored spin on angel food cake is perfect as the base for colorful Candy Corn frosting! Pile the cupcake high with buttercream and enjoy this Halloween treat.

 Witch’s Hat CakeWitch's Hat Cake Recipe

For a spooky spin on a Halloween-inspired sheet cake, look no further than this festive witch’s hat cake. We opted for boxed cake mix for simplicity, but if there’s a homemade recipe you prefer, that works too. As long as you’re ready to get a little crafty and extra witchy, this easy, Halloween dessert will come together in a flash.

Bring out your inner witch to make these two-cute cookies that kids are sure to love. Bonus? They’re super easy.


Make two recipes of this pumpkin cake and create your own tasty pumpkin!

Don’t be afraid of these black cat cupcakes… they are devilishly good!

For this festive version of a pumpkin cake, we opted for a “spiced pumpkin” box cake mix, but any box mix will do. Adding powdered sugar to the prepared frosting helps make it thicker and less likely to melt off the cake or get too soft and drippy. It’s helpful to use piping bags to get a nicel layer of frosting and then blend together on the pumpkin to get green vines and leaves.

Candy Corn and M&M’s Chewy Crispy Bars make fun Halloween treats.

A favorite treat at any magical feast, pumpkin pasties are surprisingly easy to make (even for muggles). We developed two pumpkin-based fillings—one sweet and one savory—for these buttery hand pies, so they’re perfect for serving (alongside a goblet of pumpkin juice!) at any point during a Harry Potter inspired party. If you’re looking to save a little time and effort, you can certainly opt for prepared, refrigerated pie dough.

They’re not called monster cookies because they’re scary… but they are monstrously delicious. In fact. these chunky, chewy  monster cookies might just be the king of all kitchen sink cookies. Featuring peanut butter, oats, crushed pretzels, M&Ms, and chunks of milk chocolate, they hit every necessary cookie note—chewy, crispy, salty, sweet, chocolatey, and buttery.

Letting these cookies cross your path will bring bad luck, so make sure to gobble them up before the tray passes you by.

Dipping apples in white candy melts gives them a ghostly apperance perfect for your Halloween party. 

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