Morrisons launch two new food boxes – full list of what you get

The UK is on lockdown in an attempt to tackle the spread of coronavirus, and Britons are only allowed to leave the house for essential shopping, to buy medicine or if they are a key worker. With the lockdown, many people have been stockpiling and panic buying and shelves have been left empty. In response, Morrisons launched an ‘essential’ food box costing £30. They have since revealed that two new boxes will be added to the list. 


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Some people have been told not to leave their homes for 12 weeks, as they are the ones most vulnerable to the virus.

This includes the elderly and those with pre-existing health conditions. 

The Morrisons boxes each include a variety of items and states that it should feed two adults for one week.

A typical box may include canned beans, soup, bread and milk. 

Morrisons have said that they are dramatically increasing production and delivery of food boxes aimed at vulnerable and self-isolating people.

Just over two weeks ago, they started producing 10,000 food boxes to be sent for next day delivery to customer’s homes. 

By next week this number will have increased to over 100,000 per week as Morrisons starts production at three new sites. 

Morrisons have said that they expect the boxes to sell out regularly and will therefore aim to build capacity to more than 200,000 over the coming weeks. 


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The two new boxes are:

Morrisons Market Kitchen Meal Box – this costs £30 including delivery and includes eight ready meals using British meat and fresh ingredients. 

Customers can choose from the ‘Square Meals’ box or the ‘Meal Markers’ box. 

The ’Square Meals’ box includes:

Shepherd’s Pie x 2, Sausage and Mash x2, Chicken and Tomato Pasta Bake x2 and Cauliflower x2.

There is also a ‘Meal Makers’ box where customers can add their own sides to dishes like chicken tikka masala or vegetable curry. 

The ‘Meal Makers’ box includes:

Chicken Tikka Masala x2, Kerala Veg Curry x2, Beef Chilli x2 and Vegetarian Chilli x2. 


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The more pricey box is The Morrisons British ‘Meat’ Box that costs £45 including delivery and is filled with enough meat for over 38 meals.

This box contains: 

  • Gammon joint (750g)
  • Roasting beef joint (750g)
  • A pack of chicken fillets (1kg)
  • Four Best Scotch beef burgers (454g)
  • 25 meatballs (645g)
  • 10 sausages (667g)
  • A pack of 12% fat beef mince (500g)
  • A pack of pork loin steaks (500g)
  • Two sirloin steaks (400g)
  • Sachet of fresh peppercorn sauce (200g)

Morrisons Chief Executive, David Potts said: “These boxes are a lifeline for many customers at this very difficult time and are providing essential food to people that either cannot leave their home or struggle to reach the supermarket. They are one of the ways we are playing our full part in feeding the nation.”

Morrisons also stated that they have started delivering the boxes to local hospitals, care homes and sheltered accommodation for NHS and care workers. 

M&S followed in Morrisons footsteps after last week they announced they were offering an essential service for those unable to get out for groceries. 

Each M&S box costs £35, but unlike with Morrisons version, shoppers will know what’s inside each box before it arrives.

The delivery for the box is also £3.99 and there is a waiting time of up to one week for the goodies. 

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