Morrisons launch budget £5 ribeye steak & chips deal – but for limited time only

Best supermarket of 2018, Morrisons has returned with a great money-saving deal for couples across the nation. Known for their low prices and their extensive meat range, this weekend Britons can experience the ultimate bistro experience with two succulent ribeye steaks for just a fiver.


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Known to be one of the tastiest and most tender cuts around, the ribeye is a firm favourite amongst steak lovers thanks to its distinctive marbling and juicy texture.

But Morrisons hasn’t stopped there, as anyone snapping up the fantastic deal will also get their hands on a 1.2 kilogram bag of Morrisons Steak Cut Chips to tuck into – for free.

It’s a pretty good deal considering one of the 200gram steaks usually cost £4 (alternatively there’s also a £7 deal for two) but for an extra £1, customers can get both steaks and the side.

Usually, if customers were to buy the 1.2 kilogram bag of Morrisons Steak Cut Chips alone they would cost £1.37 (or currently £1 on offer) so to buy everything outside the deal it would cost £8, meaning customers can save a total of £4.

But there is a catch, the offer is only available for a limited time.

Customers will need to be quick to get their hands on the deal as the showstopper offer ends on Sunday this week.

Morrisons Steak Buying Manager, Josh Brockbank said: “We’re really proud of our steaks, so what better way to spend the weekend than with a slap-up Rib Eye and Chips supper – all for a fiver!”

Unfortunately, the offer is only available in-store so customers will need to head to their nearest branch to pick up the deal.

To find their nearest branch customers can simply head online to Morrisons website where they can enter their postcode in the store finder to locate their local store.

Another store has hit headlines recently for a great money-saving deals; Home Bargains.

Britons are searching high and low for a £1 salt and pepper seasoning from Home Bargains. The pre-made seasoning is causing concern. The rush has been caused by a wave of fans praising the seasoning on social media.

Shoppers are claiming the salt is amazing on chips and tastes just like a takeaway.


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One Twitter user wrote: “This over chips is amazing, like actual Chinese salt and pepper chips!! £1 from home bargains.”

Another said: “You can get salt and pepper seasoning from Home Bargains for a quid.” They added an emoji with love hearts for eyes.

Over on Facebook, the fan frenzy continued. One wrote: “I made salt and pepper chips with it last night. Was absolutely delicious! I recommend it.”

Another said: “I just used these, chopped some spring onion, red onion, mushrooms and red chilli’s and fried it all together with garlic oil then sprinkled the seasoning over! Easy peasy!”

One more added: “I’ve tried to get this but it’s always out of stock, I phoned Home Bargains today and was advised to phone first thing Saturday morning and ask them to put it by for me, I live 25 mins from the store so don’t want to keep chancing it!”

The Kerala Chinese Salt & Pepper Chilli Pepper Seasoning costs £1.19.

Chinese salt and pepper dishes are popular takeaway classics. The dish is usually made simply, with chicken thigh.

Traditionally the dish includes salt, Chinese five-spice powder, black pepper, spring onions, red chilli, and garlic.

While a takeaway can cost over £10 or even more, this £1.19 is a bargain comparatively. The product was initially flagged on a Facebook group that has 1,900 likes and 2,000 comments.

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