McDonald’s shares how to get Big Mac and fries for only £1.99 each time – what to know

Rylan Clark-Neal works a shift at McDonalds

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McDonald’s has shared an easy way to get one of its most popular dishes for less than half price. All customers need to do is keep the receipt the next time they buy something from the fast-food chain.

McDonald’s receipts contain a code that can be used to get a Big Mac and fries for only £1.99.

The popular item usually costs £4.79 with fries.

This means that customers can buy the meal for less than half price.

All burger fans need to do is keep the unique 12 digit code on their receipt after they’ve been to McDonald’s.

The next step is to visit the fast-food chain’s Food for Thoughts website to enter this code and fill in a survey about your last meal.

After telling McDonald’s what you thought of your meal, you will be given a five digit code.

Write this down on the same receipt as your original order.

This will now act as your voucher.

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Now, you can visit any McDonald’s branch in the country and hand over your voucher to get a Big Mac and fries for only £1.99.

This will save you £2.80.

Customers can also choose from a Fillet-O-Fish or Vegetable Deluxe, also with fries or a side salad.

These meals will also only cost £1.99.

The offer is available for customers as many times as they want.

Additionally, there is no set item a customer needs to buy to redeem the deal.

Therefore, it is possible to get your hands on a £1.99 Big Mac and fries after buying the cheapest product at McDonald’s.

The deal can be claimed up to 60 days after you are given a McDonald’s receipt.

In other McDonald’s news, the fast-food chain has introduced five new items to its menu.

The products, which includes new burgers and new McFlurry flavours, will be available until mid-August.

The new savoury treats are the BBQ Quarter Pounder with Cheese and the Garlic Cheese Bites.

Meanwhile, the two McFlurries are Twix and Mars flavours, which have not been seen at McDonald’s since 2019.

The fast-food giant has also launched the McSpicy, which it has claimed is its “spiciest” burger yet.

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