McDonald's Is Testing New Additions to Its Worldwide Favorites Menu

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While it’s easy (and perhaps fair) to critique McDonald’s for its role in creating a global monoculture, the fast food chain deserves some credit for mixing up its menu to appease local palates around the globe. Some of those highlights from around the globe have already made their way onto the McDonald’s menu in the U.S., and it doesn’t sound like the cross-cultural culinary exchange will end there. 

Less than two months after the introduction of their Worldwide Favorites menu, McDonald’s is already thinking ahead to the next batch of international items it can introduce to the men. According to Business Insider, McDonald’s plans to test out a sort of “Worldwide Favorites 2.0” menu this August at just under 100 locations in the “Connecticut area."

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The global items making the overseas journey to New England seem to run the spectrum of McDonald’s offering. First up is the savory ranch burger hailing from Mexico, which earns points for having the audacity to combine the tang of ranch with the taste of beef. That’s followed by the Grand Premium Chicken Sandwich from France, a sandwich whose name is almost as vague and superlative as the Spanish “Grand McExtreme” burger from the last international go-round. 

Hailing from Japan, the McChicken McMuffin sounds like a breakfast chicken sandwich, which feels like an answer to Chick-fil-A’s own breakfast offerings. And to round things out, there’s the Caramel Brownie McFlurry from Canada. Given that the Caramel Stroopwafel McFlurry from the Netherlands seemed to be such a hit the last time around, that one feels like a no-brainer. 

It’s important to reiterate that the August rollout is only a test, much like some of the current nationwide crop of Worldwide Favorites first showed up in south Florida back in 2018. Based on that timeline, any successful test items would likely be available sometime around summer 2020. Until then, feel free to travel to Canada, Mexico, France, Japan, or Connecticut and report back on these items in advance. 



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