Man’s genius method to ‘easily’ peel garlic cloves in seconds

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For many of us, preparation is often the hardest part of being in the kitchen. Slicing, dicing, and peeling ingredients for a dish can all be fiddly jobs (and also dangerous, if you’re as clumsy as I am).

As such, many of us are keen to find tips and tricks to make our lives easier – like being able to peel garlic bulbs in a few seconds. Fortunately, TikTok user @rightguyreview has done exactly that.

In a video on his page, he demonstrated a hack he had found to easily get yourself a clove of peeled garlic in seconds.

All you need is a knife, he explains. You then insert the knife into a bulb and twist – and a peeled clove should pop free.

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A quick glance at the comments proves that users were keen to try the hack for themselves and share their results – with varying success.

As one user commented: “Every day’s a school day”, with another adding: “Life changing.”

“Could have done with this earlier!” joked someone else – a sentiment many seemed to share.

Other comments deemed the tip as “brill”, “cracking” and even compared it to “witchcraft”.

“I was just about to make my dinner and I’m using garlic and one thing I hate is peeling it,” shared one grateful user. “Thank you.”

However, some seemed less impressed with the idea, pointing out the obvious health and safety risk associated with peeling the cloves in such a way:

“I can feel a visit to the hospital with this idea,” wrote one person.

“Recipe for a hand with a hole in it. No thanks,” said another.

“Use a fork. Same result but safer.”

Others also doubted the effectiveness of the tip, arguing that the bulb had to be relatively old to come apart so easily:

“Usually has to be quite an old bulb for this to work,” said one viewer.

“I could have peeled 4 by the time you’ve done that.”

“It doesn’t work with some kind of other garlics,” argued someone else.

What do you think? Do you have any clever tips and tricks for preparing food? Let us know in the comments below.

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