Krispy Kreme’s Updated Stores Include Doughnut Ice Cream Sandwiches and Milkshakes

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Krispy Kreme is constantly tweaking their doughnuts — adding new flavors, new toppings, new fillings. But today, the brand announced an even bigger change: They’re rolling out an entirely new type of store.

Billed as “its first comprehensive shop redesign in more than a decade,” tomorrow, Krispy Kreme will be debuting this fresh look at a new shop in Concord, North Carolina, not far from the brand’s Global Product & Innovation Center in Charlotte. “This new shop experience honors the heritage of Krispy Kreme while at the same time acknowledging and addressing the rising expectations of our customers,” Andy Skehan, the company’s President, North America, said in the announcement. “From our time-tested process of producing the world’s most loved doughnuts to our new Original Glazed Doughnut infused ice cream, we’re very excited for what the future holds.”

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Speaking of ice cream, the new look comes with three major menu additions: scoop sandwiches, hand-spun milkshakes, and customized doughnuts. Scoop sandwiches are “the brand’s take on the classic ice cream sandwich, featuring Original Glazed Doughnut infused ice cream, scooped between a sliced doughnut with a combination of toppings and drizzles.” The milkshakes are “made with Original Glazed Doughnut infused ice cream, topped with whipped cream and a mini-Original Glazed Doughnut” in flavors such as Double Chocolate, Classic Strawberry, and OREO Cookies & Kreme. Finally, in a move that has been a long time coming, the chain will finally give customers “the ability to build their own doughnuts with a combination of five different glazes, ten toppings and five drizzle flavors.”

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Some of these items have reportedly already gotten a test run. For instance, the scoop sandwiches and hand-spun milkshakes were available at a new Krispy Kreme location that opened near the University of Tennessee in January, according to Knox News. Same with a shop that opened in Michigan. But this new Concord location appears to bring all these new innovations together.

Those changes include a new look and feel, as well. Krispy Kreme promises a new design “offering a ‘stylistic wink’ to Krispy Kreme’s heritage,” as well as “digital and interactive enhancements.” Those include “an end-to-end view of the doughnut making process” and “new lighted doughnut display cases and digital menu boards.” Finally, Krispy Kreme says that the new shops will offer “online ordering, delivery, in-shop self-service pickup, dedicated parking for mobile order pickup, and an expanded drive-thru with two lanes and digital order confirmation.”

Beyond remodeling its current shops, Krispy Kreme says it plans to open 45 new locations “in both new and existing markets across the country” by the end of next year. Hopefully, that means it won’t be long before you can find a doughnut-topped, doughnut-infused ice cream milkshake near you.

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