James Martin: Chef shares easy hack for ‘best’ scrambled eggs

James Martin reveals advice as he makes scrambled eggs

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James Martin’s Saturday Morning is a weekly programme that offers audiences cooking tips and tricks. Last week, a new series of the programme was aired and today, September 11, was its second episode.

As always, James answered viewers’ culinary dilemmas as they called into the show.

One viewer wanted to know how to make “Michelin star” scrambled eggs.

He knew how to cook the staple breakfast dish, but wanted to “take it to the next level”.

Fortunately, James knew exactly what to do.

The chef recommended using duck eggs, saying: “Duck eggs are amazing.”

However, James decided to cook with “normal hen’s eggs” today.

The other ingredients needed for the scrambled eggs were butter, cream, and green chilli.

“That’s all you really need,” James said, adding that black pepper is also “key”.

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The chef explained: “The first thing you want to do is crack your eggs into your bowl.”

He took a glass bowl and cracked two eggs into it.

James continued: “When I learned the best scrambled eggs – and I actually learnt this from the late great Michel Roux Sr, who we sadly lost about two years ago – he taught me how to do these scrambled eggs.”

The chef then whisked the eggs in the bowl using a hand-held metal whisk.

James then seasoned the eggs with black pepper.

He said: “Put plenty of seasoning in.”

The chef then added salt into the bowl too, before putting a little butter in a pan on the hob.

“It’s like cooking an omelette – the way you cook an omelette is not cook it until it’s brown,” James explained.

“So the eggs must not brown whatsoever.”

When the butter had “foamed up” a little, James popped the eggs into the pan.

The chef explained: “And then you whisk.

“And whatever you do you don’t stop whisking.”

While continuing to whisk, James added a little cream to the eggs to enrich them.

The chef then took the pan off the heat and took a plate, before placing toast on the plate and adding the scrambled egg on top of it.

Finally, James chopped a green chilli finely and put the pieces on top of the scrambled egg on toast.

The chef recommended: “Leave the chilli seeds in.”

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