Ice cream parlour renames Percy Pig flavour after ‘polite’ request from M&S

Percy Pig is a beloved brand of pig-shaped gummy sweets for the popular British supermarket Marks and Spencer. Fabio’s Gelato started making Percy Pig ice cream just last week, but were asked by M&S to rename their product.

Fabio’s Gelato is an ice cream parlour based in Hertfordshire directed by Fabio Vincenti, with sites in Hitchin and Letchworth.

Recently it began producing an ice cream with Percy Pig sweets in.

However, M&S quickly got wind of the situation and sent Fabio a letter explaining that while he can continue to use the sweets, he cannot continue to use the name Percy Pig. This is because they can only be used in official M&S products.

An except from the letter read: “While we are flattered that you have been inspired to create a flavour based on our Percy Pig sweets, and in no way wish to stop you selling this flavour or from using our sweets to top it, we would be grateful if you could avoid using the name PERCY PIG to do so.”

Marks and Spencer Group explained that Percy Pig is one of its “hero brands” and it risks losing trade marks if it does not take steps to stop others using them without permission.

M&S added that if other businesses use the name Percy Pig, consumers may no longer be confident that PERCY PIG-branded products originate from M&S.

The group asked if Mr Vincenti could confirm within 14 days that he had renamed the flavour to one which does not use the PERCY PIG mark or anything similar. The letter did state that PIG FACES or PIG Sweets would be fine.

Posting a picture of the letter on Facebook, Fabio’s Gelato revealed that the ice cream flavour would now be called “Fabio’s Pig”.

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His Facebook post was captioned: “Soooooo about that Gelato we made… Its got a new name ‘Fabios Pig’.

“M&S put a stop to the original name we used, but they were kind enough to send us some bags of those pink pigs to sweeten the deal. Aldi UK can we call it Leo the Lion moving forward?”

Since then, Fabio’s Gelato took to social media asking for the “best name” suggestions for the ice cream flavour.

The post read: “Shhhh the illegal piggies will be in both shops tomorrow with some pre-made 500ml take home tubs.

“Come u with the best name below and we will treat you to a Fabio’s voucher.”

Ice cream fans rushed to the comments with plenty of suggestions for the new name.

The funny phrases ranged from Piggy Tasty to Getting piggy with it, Pig Out to Pigcognito, Trotterific to Impercynator Pig.

Customers were pretty impressed with how major supermarket M&S handled the situation.

Claire Hadley wrote on Facebook: “Lucky escape as they could have fined you big bucks. Swap the names…Percy the caterpillar and Colin the pig lol.”

Oliver Mason added: “What a lovely letter, really gives confidence in M&S.”

Fabio’s Gelato responded: “Pretty cool of them to chuck in a few bags too! Might have to copy all their products to get the freebies.”

Gilli Austin commented: “It’s great that they are approving, good publicity for M&S and yourselves. Plus we all love a Percy Pig and a Fabio’s so double winner.”

Mr Vincenti said: “It is what it is, they’ve got to protect Percy Pig,” and called the letter “polite and fair”, reported the BBC.

However, he revealed that Fabio’s Gelato has “done so many different brands of ice cream” and “wondered why no-one ever moaned and always knew someone might say something”.

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