Heinz Made a Diabolical All-Red Puzzle And You Can Buy It Now

Heinz Ketchup Puzzle Image 1.jpg

For a pretty obvious and bad reason, 2020 has been a big year for puzzles. There’s a chance you’ve finished more puzzles in the past two months than you have in years. With everyone enjoying a mind-numbing amount of unstructured free time, you may have seen at least one showoff friend on social media putting together one of those color gradient puzzles that look impossible.

Well if you’re looking for a truly puzzling puzzle and you also happen to love ketchup, then Heinz’s “Ridiculously Slow” ketchup puzzle could be exactly what you need. Likely inspired in part by the recent trend of mono and duo-chromatic puzzles, every single one of these 570 puzzle pieces is the exact shade of red as you’d find in a bottle of Heinz Ketchup.

This particular puzzle first made the rounds earlier in May as a limited-edition giveaway offering. Its first run ran out faster than you could get ketchup out of a glass bottle, but now it’s back on sale at the dedicated Heinz Ketchup Puzzle website.

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The puzzle retails for $24.99 plus $12 for shipping, but the good news is that it goes to support a good cause. Heinz plans to make a $10,700 donation (the equivalent of 107,000 meals) to Feeding America, a nonprofit network of more than 200 food banks across the US. Fighting off boredom and hunger at the same time with a single purchase feels like a definite win-win right about now.

Will staring at that much red for a long period of time eventually strain your eyes or drive you insane? Possibly! But if normal puzzles just don’t do it for you anymore, this ketchup-themed challenge is exactly what the game master ordered.


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