Grandmother’s tip for cooking the perfect poached egg without a timer

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Gabriela is a TikTok cook who describes herself as being known for her “big smile and big passion for food”. She works for the Food Network and has over 20 years of experience in the culinary arts, but her poached egg hack is a family trick that has been passed down from Gabriela’s grandmother.

Poached eggs are the ultimate comfort food, and Gabriela has a cooking hack to make cooking the simple meal even easier as you will never again have to guess how long to poach your eggs. She told her followers: “I have a trick so you never have to guess how long to cook your eggs.”

Gabriela begins the video by cracking her eggs and explains it is important to always crack them into a strainer in order “get all those loose whites out”.

She then places water into a pot on the stove but has said to make sure the water is not too hot. She said “baby bubbles” is what you are aiming for when getting the water temperature right.

She also said that before the eggs are placed make sure to add a splash of vinegar to the water “for insurance”. She then “individually, gently and gracefully” placed the eggs in the water. Gabriela explained the trick to timing the eggs is to use the toaster.

Gabriela said: “The moment the eggs are in, pop some bread into your toaster and by the time our bread is golden brown your eggs should be done too. If you’re getting antsy and want to check your eggs, your whites should be setting by now.”

She added: “By the time your toast is golden, it will be about the three minutes your eggs need to cook.” Gabriela then showed the audience a perfectly poached egg and said “Look at this stunner! The whites are set, the yolk is really boppy – if that is a real term!”

Gabriela then placed the eggs onto a paper towel in order to dab off the water and seasoned her eggs with salt. She then placed the poached eggs on a plate to be eaten, and explained: “I always have two pieces of toast with my poached eggs, I leave one whole and cut one diagonally for dipping.”

The Tiktok cook explained she learned the simple trick from her Grandmother Mary-Anne who taught it to her mother and now she relies on it too. She said: “This makes me so happy. I hope the next time you make poached eggs you ditch the timer and use your toaster and think of Grandma Mary-Anne.”

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@gourmetgab 12 DAYS OF EGGS ������ Day 4: Poached Eggs using a toaster as the timer ������ #12daysofeggs #eggrecipe #egghack ♬ original sound – gourmetgab

Gabriela’s tip has gone viral on Tiktok with over four million views and over 400,000 likes.

Some people were scandalised at Gabriela putting vinegar in the pan, and Gabriela assured commentators that the eggs would not have a strong taste, but most people have said that the toaster trick has worked wonders for them.

One commenter wrote: “I tried this in cooking class and everyone loved it.” Someone else said “My gran also taught me to do this – it works every time!”

Another person said: “I’ve tried every method and could never get a poached egg right. Your video has finally helped me make the perfect poached egg! Thank you!”

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