Goldfish Veggie Crackers Are the Healthy(ish) Snack We’ve Been Waiting For

We love vegetables, we really do. But you know what we love more? GOLDFISH.

Those cheesy little orange dudes make our worlds go ‘round. Sadly, they’re not exactly packed with nutrients.

That’s why we’re thrilled to report that Veggie Goldfish Crackers are on the horizon!

The new product is part of Pepperidge Farms’ plan to include plant-based crackers in the Goldfish line, according to Carlos Abrams-Rivera, senior vice-president and president of Campbell Snacks.

“We know we have a baked cracker that has whole grains, that has real cheese, and we have now switched our colors to be made from plants,” Abrams-Rivera said at the company’s Investor Day in New Jersey last week. “But we also believe there’s even more opportunity as we go forward, inspired by our single mission, the idea of actually — you’ll be seeing coming up next year—bringing real vegetable solutions into our Goldfish platform. This is something that is part of our bringing new capabilities into Campbell Snacks.”

We don’t know much about Veggie Goldfish Crackers, other than that they are happening in the near future and will come in two varieties: Cheesy Tomato and Sweet Carrot.

According to the packaging, each serving size contains one-third of a serving of vegetables.

Other nutritional information isn’t available quite yet, but we doubt these will be healthy enough to serve as a replacement for real fruits and veggies. They are cheese crackers, after all.

Still, though, we’re going to be snacking on Goldfish one way or the other—at least we can feel a bit better about it now.  

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