Glittery, Spiked Cranberry Sauce Is Here to Save Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving will never be the same. 

The food-filled holiday can get uncomfortable, and I’m not just referring to post-meal bellyaches. If you aren’t getting married, don’t want children, or have no idea where your life is headed, Thanksgiving can be a reminder that your distant relatives aren’t proud of you. But it doesn’t have to be—all you need is a good distraction. 

Fortunately, the folks over at Firebox have a solution: alcoholic, glittery cranberry sauce. The spiked sauce is infused with vodka and twist of orange, and dappled with edible glitter. It’s also vegan, in case you were wondering. Finally, a balance between spending hours making your own cranberry sauce, or relying on a canned amorphous blob. 


Firebox recommends slathering the glittery sauce all over your turkey, potatoes, vegetables, and bread-like products, and thanks to the vodka it’s probably great on its own. There’s just one problem: Firefox currently isn’t shipping the sauce to the U.S., so if you know anyone heading over to England, go ahead and give them 13 bucks. 





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