Genius Entrepreneur Smuggles Krispy Kreme Across State Lines


Much like Tim Hortons, Krispy Kreme is a mecca that remains tantalizingly out of reach for doughnut lovers in many parts of the country. Some will travel great distances just to be at a Krispy Kreme when their bright red “hot now” sign is lit up. 

But no matter how much you love a hot glazed doughnut, I can guarantee that you aren’t as committed to Krispy Kreme as young Minnesotan and budding entrepreneur Jayson Gonzalez. In recent months, he’s made 19 weekly runs over state lines into Iowa to pick up a plethora of Krispy Kreme boxes, which he then sells to an army of Twin Cities-area doughnut lovers willing to pay as much as $20 a box. 

Gonzalez first hit upon the idea when he traveled to Iowa for a soccer tournament and saw a Krispy Kreme location, something Minnesotans haven’t had in their home state since 2008. “I thought maybe someone else would want me to bring some up, so I posted it on Facebook Marketplace,” he told “I kid you not, a couple days later, I had over 300 replies.” 

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Sensing strong demand, a business venture was born. Now, he collects weekly orders on his Krispy Kreme Run Minnesota Facebook page, coordinating with the manager of a Clive, Iowa Krispy Kreme four hours away so the goods are ready for pickup right when he shows up around 6 a.m. After loading the boxes in his car and turning around, he meets at coordinated pickup points throughout the greater Twin Cities area, usually setting up shop in Target parking lots to hand off the goods for $17 (one dozen plain glazed) or $20 (one dozen of other flavors) a pop. 

Between the coordination, ordering, 600 mile round trip, and handoffs, it’s a whole lot of work for the Metropolitan State University accounting student. But with Gonzalez telling that it’d take him 80 hours at his old Starbucks job to net the same amount as he does from a single Krispy Kreme run, it sounds like waking up at 2 AM for the four-hour drive is worth it— to say nothing of the joy he brings local doughnut lovers. 

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