Galaxy vs Dairy Milk: What makes the chocolate bars taste so different? – how they’re made

Dairy Milk and Galaxy: Difference in grain discussed by insider

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Dairy Milk and Galaxy have been the nation’s most popular chocolate bars for decades. Tonight on Channel 4’s The Secret World of Chocolate, the show explored how the chocolate bars are made.

Cadbury chocolate is a favourite among Britons.

With lots of different flavours and varieties on offer, the classic Dairy Milk bar is the most popular.

However, Galaxy stands out from the crowd with its unique creamy texture, which also makes it a favourite amongst many.

Tonight, The Secret World of Chocolate spoke to chocolate insiders about what makes the bars so different from one another.

The narrator said: “Galaxy was invented in Britain in the 60s and despite its advertising Cadbury’s Dairy Milk, it had never been a bestseller.”

Appearing on the show, Mars Chocolate’s Bill Ronald discussed the difference in grain size between Cadbury Dairy Milk and Galaxy chocolate bars.

He said: “There is something still very special about a block of Galaxy chocolate and it’s all about the mouth feel and taste because the very fine grain of Galaxy just means it melts very quickly and before you know it, it’s disappeared, it’s like magic isn’t it.”

The narrator added: “With Galaxy falling behind Dairy Milk and Yorkie, Mars had to find a way to rebrand Galaxy to get it back into the fight, so they did their homework.”

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Bill explained: “Cadbury’s Dairy Milk would be ground to a slightly higher grain size, something like 30 microns to get technical and Galaxy would be down at something closer to 23 microns.

“With Galaxy, we gave it extra grinding, and because it was finer, the mouthfeel of a Galaxy product was much creamier.”

This helped the brand become more popular back in the 70s, especially amongst female consumers.”

A recent episode of Cadbury: Chocolate Secrets Unwrapped unveiled just how popular its recipe is, having remained unchanged for more than 110 years.

The narrator said: “The company’s most important recipe has remained unchanged for 114 years.

“The top secret formula for Cadbury’s Dairy Milk. But it’s main ingredients are not so secret.

“[They are] sugar, milk and cocoa.”

Master chocolatier Paul A. Young commented: “People love Dairy Milk for the nostalgia of it because they were given it as a child.

“It was the first, or a very early, taste of fat and sugar and milk mixed together.

“Once you get fat and sugar mixed together with a bit of cocoa, you’re hooked.”

How is Galaxy chocolate made?

The first process involves finely milling the chocolate down to tiny micron level.

Ellyse O’Connor, Galaxy Senior Brand Manager, told “It literally is nearly as fine as actual silk.

“It means we’re able to make that signature Galaxy taste – a silky-smooth sensation that has a richness in flavour – which is so synonymous with luxurious indulgence.”

The chocolate is still made in a crumb oven using the traditional artisanal method of cooking the chocolate.

Thanks to this process, it brings out the underlying caramel flavour and taste of cooked milk.

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