Free Gin For Life Is Yours… If You Travel to the North Pole

How far would you travel for a lifetime of free gin? To the ends of the earth? If that’s the case, here’s your chance to prove it. The Finland-based spirits brand Arctic Blue Gin plans to open up a pop-up bar on April 17 for one day only, and if you drop by, they’re promising free gin for life. The only catch: This pop-up will literally be located at the North Pole.

The brand says that this one day “Arctic Bar” will be the northernmost bar in the world, temporarily beating out the current champion, which they suggest is the bar at Hotel Tulpan in Svalbard, Norway — though regardless of who holds the record, unless Arctic Blue Gin shows up and another bar is already open at the North Pole, they’re pretty much guaranteed to get the title.

As for what to expect when you (don’t) get there, that’s not entirely clear: The company explains that going on the expedition will be Arctic Blue Gin co-founder and brand director Mikko Spoof, along with three other “mad explorers,” specifically, “the experienced polar expert and photographer” Poppis Suomela, photographer Valtteri Hirvonen, and director Otso Tiainen. Assumedly, they’ll be bringing some gin with them. Whether other things like mixers and a disco ball will be dragged along is yet to be seen.

“To survive here, you need to be a little mad, and quite a lot tougher. Just like the wild bilberries we season our gin with that fight their way through the frozen earth just to survive. It’s not easy, but you can truly taste their zest for life,” Spoof said in a statement. “We believe actions are more impactful than words in telling stories. That’s why we will open a bar at the North Pole. The customers can enjoy free gin during the pop-up day and even better than that: they will get a lifetime supply of Arctic Blue Gin delivered to their front door.”

If you want to find the Arctic Bar, simply set your coordinates for N90°E0°. However, the Arctic Blue Gin team apparently earmarked a week for their journey to the North Pole, so if you haven’t left yet, you may be too late.

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