‘Empty shelves!’ Britons furious as Tesco, Morrisons and more ‘run out’ of ice cream

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From water bottles to Haribo packets, Britain has faced food shortages on multiple products over the past few weeks. With more Britons staying at home this summer than ever before, demand on food and drink items has soared, including ice cream.

Over the past few days, shoppers have been complaining on social media that major UK supermarkets have “run out” of ice cream.

Customers noted this was especially disappointing as the country has been hit by a heatwave.

Temperatures rose to up to 33°C in some parts of Britain yesterday, and the hot weather is set to stay for another couple of days.

Britons have been heading to supermarkets to buy ice cream and lollies to keep cool in the sweltering heat.

But Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s, and Morrisons have been criticised for not stocking enough ice cream products.

Customers have complained of “near-empty” shelves in some shops.

One person shared an image on Twitter of a watermelon-shaped ice lolly, saying: “Second lolly of today a watermelon one from Tesco, but apart from this the shelves are bare.”

Another customer posted photos of empty ice cream freezers at Tesco. They said: “The great ice cream shortage of 2021 has begun.”

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Yesterday, one customer shared a video of empty freezers at Tesco, accompanied by the caption: “I think it’s warm in the UK. This is the ice cream selection in Tesco this evening.”

Another person wrote: “The ice cream section at my Tesco is empty.”

One person added: “Tesco completely out of ice cream. Freedom Day my arse.”

However, a Tesco spokesperson commented: “We have good availability of ice cream across our stores.

“We’ve seen huge customer demand for ice cream and lollies during the recent warm weather, but our colleagues are working hard to make sure our freezers are kept fully stocked.”

Morrisons customers have also noted similar ice cream shortages at their local branches.

One shopper wrote: “When Morrison’s order is due and there’s loads of important stuff unavailable like ice creams and lollies WTF.”

Another customer said yesterday: “Drove to big Morrison’s for ice cream…it was all gone.”

One customer added: “I didn’t take pics, but Morrisons Devizes had empty shelves all over the store. Added to that, it took 20 minutes to pay as only three tills open.”

A Morrisons spokesperson commented: “During the recent heat wave we have seen a real surge in ice-cream sales and our teams are working hard to restock the shelves as quickly as possible.”

Some Sainsbury’s stores across the country also seem to be having the same problem.

One shopper said: “Sun’s out, runs out.”

Another customer wrote: “Was in Sainsbury’s on Saturday, only empty sections were lager and ice cream.”

One person added: “This nothing new, it’s been gradually getting worse of late. Sainsbury’s have modular boxes to fill empty shelves. There’s much less choice and often fresh produce has all gone. We know the cause of course, it’s Brexit. I’m sure Gov will blame Covid. How convenient!!”

This is not the first time British supermarkets have been faced with bare shelves.

Last month, leaders in the food and supply chain industries warned of missed deliveries due to a shortage of drivers.

At the time, Richard Burnett, CEO of the Road Haulage Association (RHA) said shops were “weeks away” from empty shelves.

The pandemic, among other issues, is to blame as many EU citizens working in the UK have returned to their native countries.

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