Easter eggs for 2019: Best of UK chocolate treats from bargain sweets to luxury eggs

Easter eggs are a traditional gift around the holiday for friends and family.

The sweet treats are shaped like eggs to symbolise birth and life, so as to remind Christians of the rebirth of Jesus Christ.

The holiday is also a chance to look forward to year ahead, including the summer months.

Lambs are in the fields, baby bunnies are in the hedgerows and children are off school to spend time with their parents. And, course, to indulge in some delicious chocolate eggs.

Easter eggs 2019: Best of UK chocolate from bargain treats to luxury eggs

Hotel Chocolat

A perennial favourite, this British brand produces tasty treats many love.

The only UK brand to grow its own cocoa on its own plantation, it has over 90 stores across the British aisle where you can pick up one of these beauties.

Extra-Thick Easter Egg ‘You Crack Me Up’ – £27

This egg is 40 per cent milk chocolate and half caramel-white chocolate, and has the brand’s iconic thick shells. It is filled with truffles, pralines and caramels.

City Bunnies Caramel Chocolate – £6 

These cute little guys in bowties will thrill children and adults alike. The 16 bunnies are moulded from solid caramel chocolate.

Soft-Boiled Easter Egg Milk Chocolate – £10

A visual feast, this gorgeous egg evokes the classic eggs and soldiers breakfast. It comes in a bag with a pretty ribbon.


A family favourite, this brand offers a wife away of chocolate – from the super affordable to the break-the-bank buys.

Easter Treasure Box – £10

Although relatively cheap, this number one selling Cadbury Easter Treasure box includes a whole host of treats.

This includes Cadbury Mini Eggs, Dairy Milk Oreo Mini Eggs, Creme Egg eggs and all your favourite bars.

Cadbury Daily Milk Easter Egg – £1.85 

Little in price but not in value, this small hollow egg is ideal for children.

Cadbury Ultimate Easter Basket – £70 

This enormous chocolate feast would be a huge treat for the whole family to feast on. It includes the Easter Egg Hunt pack, Mini Eggs, and Cadbury shell eggs.


This Swiss brand is well know for Lindor Truffles and gold bunnies. Which treat will you tuck into?

Lindt Gold Bunny Family Egg – £15

This golden extravaganza comes with one large egg and a whole family of gold bunnies, including three adorable little babies.

Lindt Chick House – £4.99 

A more affordable option from the brand is the Chick House. A sweet little chocolate chick comes in a little barn, with three tasty eggs around him.


The posh supermarket has created a number of cult classic Easter eggs. This includes the show stopping avocado egg, which has proven incredibly popular.

Waitrose Belgian Dark Chocolate Avocado Easter Egg – £8

The large version of this egg looks just like an avocado sliced in half, with a chocolatey stone in the middle and the rich green colour of the flesh.

Waitrose Caramel Chocolate Golden Easter Egg – £10 

This beautiful diamond-shaped, caramel flavoured, white-chocolate hollow egg has an additional golden sparkle.

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Express.co.uk tested the best Easter eggs for 2019. 

Rating on the eggs on size, aroma, texture and quality – which one came out on top? The winner was the Hotel Chocolat Extra-Thick Rocky Road.

What date is Easter this year? This year Easter Sunday is on April 21.

Easter Sunday is a Christian festival that marks the day Jesus rose from the dead after his crucifixion.

Easter is known is a moveable feast which means the date it is celebrated on changes every year.

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