‘Don’t store in water!’ Keep carrots fresh and crunchy for months with clever storage hack

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Carrots are one of Britain’s major root vegetable crops, producing over 700,000 tonnes of produce each year. Freshly harvested carrots are washed, packed and distributed to nearly every shop in the whole of Britain, almost every day. And millions of homes served them for dinner. But how do you store carrots to ensure they last for weeks? 

Mike from Kitchen Tips Online conducted a home experiment where he tried several storage solutions to see which one was the best for carrots. 

He also compared a bunch of carrots with the green leaves still attached to pre-packed carrots. 

Mike said: “In our study, we found the green leafy carrots tended to deteriorate quicker. 

“This is because the green leaves on the top of the carrot tend to suck the nutrients and the goodness out of the carrot below. 

“In every test, we conducted the carrots that lasted the longest were the ones we purchased in plastic bags at the supermarket – whether they were organic or not.” 

For anyone who has bought carrots with the leaves still attached, Mike suggested “removing the green leaves as soon as you get home”. 

This can be done by using scissors or a knife to chop the leaves off as close to the top of the carrot. 

“We discovered the best way to store carrots is in your fridge, but it’s all about moisture and temperature control,” Mike continued. 

“It’s probably no surprise that the best place to store them in the fridge is in the crisper drawer.” 

The first storage solution Mike tried was placing carrots uncovered, laid out, in the crisper drawer of the fridge. 

“But that didn’t work,” he remarked. 

Next, the carrots were placed in a ziplock bag and all the air was taken out – but this storage solution wasn’t successful. 

Many food experts and TikTok creators have been immersing fruit and vegetables in water, in an air-tight container, before storing them in the fridge to last for weeks. 

Mike tried this but said this made the “carrots soggy” over time. 

Having tested several different storage solutions, the YouTuber wondered whether carrots last longer if they are covered in tin foil. 

This is a storage hack for celery – simply wrap the celery bunch tightly in tin foil and refrigerate. 

While celery can last for weeks when stored this way, it didn’t have the same effect on carrots. 

“It turns out the best way to store carrots is in an open ziplock bag in the crisper drawer,” Mike revealed. 

As for how long the carrots remain fresh when stored like this, after two weeks, the carrots were still “firm and sweet-tasting as they had been two weeks prior”. 

Mike went on to say how carrots can stay fresh “long-term” when stored like this. 

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