Disney Shared a Polynesian-Themed French Toast Recipe And It's Perfect for Mother's Day Brunch


There are as many things to miss about Disney’s theme parks as there are reasons why reopening them right now would be a bad idea. While we can’t travel the world at Epcot or get our thrills on Space Mountain right now, the good news is that there are more Disney recipes floating around online at this point than you could realistically prepare in a week.

For the latest, we turn once again to Disney Parks Blog, who have revealed what goes into preparing Tonga Toast. What’s that, you ask? It’s a breakfast staple from Disney World’s Polynesian Village Resort, where it’s appeared on the menu since 1971.

As this short video demonstrates, it’s a similar process to creating French toast, except with an island twist that thankfully doesn’t require hunting for any particularly exotic ingredients. According to the recipe, you’ll be mixing up cinnamon and sugar, creating a batter with eggs and milk, and then frying the Tonga Toast (which involves stuffing bananas into sourdough bread). The end result is a cinnamon-sugary golden brown French toast, stuffed with a sweet surprise that makes it the kind of magical dish fit for Disney.

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If you are or know a mom who misses Disney World right now, this’d probably be a great Mother’s Day treat. Obviously, letting small children near a fryer without adult supervision probably isn’t a great idea, though, so proceed with caution in that regard. 

So if you were ever worried about running out of Disney-themed French toast ideas, you now have two to choose from. Hopefully that should keep you satisfied until the happiest place on earth can open its doors again.


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