Cold Stone’s DIY Ice Cream Cupcake Kit Is a Delicious Quarantine Craft


Anyone with at least a little kitchen experience has sat outside on a hot summer day and fantasized about making their own ice cream. But anyone who’s watched enough TV cooking competitions knows that using an ice cream maker can backfire on you pretty quickly and spectacularly.

Thankfully, Cold Stone Creamery is offering a sort of hybrid ice cream-making and ersatz baking project that should scratch that creative dessert itch without forcing you to invest in kitchen appliances you’ll only use (at most) once a year. They’ve started selling a DIY Ice Cream Cupcake Kit that combines the basic components of the baked treat with the texture and taste of some of the best ice cream flavors around, with surprisingly little assembly required.

Sold as a six pack of individual chocolate cups (which definitely beats the average cupcake wrapper), the kit comes with three cupcake batter pairings with an ice cream flavor to match. They include a yummy Yellow Cake batter with Sweet Cream Ice Cream, decadent Devil’s Food Cake with Chocolate Ice Cream, and a luxurious Red Velvet Cake with Cake Batter Ice Cream.

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That’s all complemented by your choice of two toppings and one frosting, which is where the confectionary creativity comes into play. Toppings include your standard ice cream parlor fare like chocolate chips, gummy bears, M&M’s, and Oreo pieces. Your choice of frosting is mostly an aesthetic decision, as you can select from a rainbow of colors… or Oreo Cookie Frosting.

It looked like Dunkin’ and Baskin-Robbins had the market cornered when it came to lockdown-era deliverable DIY kits, but this Cold Stone offering gets major credit by bridging the divide between ice cream and baked goods. Will some bakery or dessert chain dare try and top that with a deliverable ice cream cake kit? Stay tuned.



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