Christmas dinner: Morrisons cheapest place to buy food – how much can you save? Best deals

For many people, Christmas will involve tucking into a grand feast to celebrate the big day. Lots of Britons will gather the family for Christmas dinner which can mean the host is left with a huge shopping list. Morrisons has been revealed as the cheapest supermarket for Christmas dinner this year, according to new research.


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A study carried out by online price tracking website,, reviewed prices of some of the biggest supermarkets.

They revealed the average Briton will celebrate Christmas Day as a group of eight which means a lot of food needs to be bought.

Some people will leave this all up to the host whereas others will choose to split the costs.

No matter what celebrators do it, the price of Christmas dinner and all the trimmings greatly varies.

Cheapest Christmas dinner

1. Morrisons – £52.75

2. Asda – £56.61

3. Iceland – £57.16

4. Sainsbury’s – £64.15

5. Tesco – £65.86

6. Ocado – £85.30

7. Waitrose – £88.50

The study picked 18 of the most popular Christmas dinner items and tracked them like for like across the seven supermarkets.

Offering the cheapest spread was Morrisons which was closely followed by Asda and Iceland.

On the other end of the scale, Ocado and Waitrose were the most expensive at over £30 more than Morrisons.

With different deals available in various stores, shoppers could save even more money by shopping across a selection of the supermarkets.


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Despite being the priciest all in, Waitrose came out as the cheapest place to buy gammon, at £11.88, and beef joint, £8.59.

Morrisons was the priciest place to buy yorkshire puddings, at £1.50, and smoked gammon, £13.50.

However, cheap deals on the gravy, stuffing, turkey crown and pigs in blanket drove down the price of the basket.

Any Barr, co-founder of said: “It is easy to overspend at Christmas, especially when it comes to the food as you want to make sure there is enough to go around.

“This research will help people when choosing the best supermarket to go to and hopefully give them a rough guide on what they need to spend.

“If it works out more than you hope, you can always get the rest of your friends or family to chip in and help out.”

The research revealed the average cost of a Christmas dinner, but hosts could find themselves spending extra if they have more people to cater for.

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