Chris Harrison's New Canned Rose Is Perfect For Your Next Bachelor Watch Party


I don’t watch The Bachelor because it seems incredibly contrived, seemingly airs all the time, and it doesn’t feel like any of the people on it are there because they’d actually like to get married. That and my girlfriend doesn’t watch it, mainly because she’s afraid she’ll get addicted.

However, I do know enough about The Bachelor’s place in our cultural zeitgeist to guess that a canned Rosé endorsed by the show’s host will probably inspire at least a few cries of “Yaaaaas” once its spotted in convenience store coolers across the country.

That’s right: Bachelor host Chris Harrison partnered with Seagram’s Escapes to launch a new Tropical Rosé flavor. According to Harraison’s Instagram post announcing the partnership, it sounds like he was pretty involved in crafting the new flavor, coming up with the idea to combine passion fruit (how fitting for a Bachelor-adjacent beverage) and dragon fruit himself.

So excited to officially announce my new drink @seagramsescapes #TropicalRosé is hitting store shelves all across the country over the next month. @walmart @circlekstores @totalwine #HEB @publix @meijerstores @familydollar #Tops @gianteagle @jewelosco @wegmans to name a few! I wasvery hands on creating a flavor I know you’re absolutely going to love. #100Calories #Rose #PassionFruit Click the link in my bio to find my Rosé near you #seagramsescapes #Sponsor

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Beyond the light and sweet fruit flavors, other aspects of Seagram’s Escapes’ new Tropical Rosé flavor suggest it pairs well with Monday night Bachelor viewing. Specifically, it weighs in at just 100 calories per can and a light 3.2 percent ABV, which means you can down a few without feeling guilty or waking up on Tuesday with a wicked hangover.

Harrison’s handpicked installment of Seagram’s Escapes canned rose is rolling out nationwide now, available in four packs with decidedly Bachelor in Paradise-themed packaging. Each box comes in four 12-ounce cans, so you’re probably going to want to make room in your fridge for more than one if you’ve got any pals coming over to see what kind of shenanigans pilot Pete and the women vying for his heart are up to. But no matter what happens or whose heart gets broken, just remember this: yes, you may have this Tropical Rosé.


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