Chefs share healthy meals to cook ‘in minutes’ in air fryer

Lynsey Crombie shares how to make dippy eggs in air fryer

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Research from Tower Housewares shows that air fryers cook up to 30 percent faster than ovens and use up to 50 percent less energy in the kitchen, saving families up to £210 a year on energy bills.

Air frying also has its health benefits as it delivers the same crispy and tasty results as deep frying, but with substantially less oil and calories.

Chefs at online healthy food retailer Muscle Food have come up with easy meals to cook in the air fryer to save money.

The meals are available in the Goal Getters by Muscle Food meal plan that delivers three healthy meals and low calorie snacks per day straight to customers’ front door.

Kate Smedley, NPD Project Manager from Muscle Food, commented on the recipes. She said: “Air fryers are being emptied off the shelves because they provide a healthy and budget-friendly way to cook family favourites. And they’re ready in a matter of minutes.

“Air fryers have become a current must-have kitchen gadget, which explains why we’ve noticed an increasing trend of interest for meal kits that can be cooked by air frying.

“We’ve gathered our top six healthy meal kits that can quickly be whipped up in an air fryer, and with the Goal Getters powered by Muscle Food, these meals are included for as little as £2 per meal depending on the selected plan.”

One of the easiest but tastiest and most nutritious meals to make in an air fryer is a roast chicken dinner.

According to an energy calculator, cooking a roast dinner in a conventional oven costs 60p, while using an air fryer would drive the cost down to 43.4p.

With a Muscle Food meal kit it’s possible to prepare a whole roast chicken dinner for one in just 10 minutes.

If making a roast chicken dinner from scratch at home, chef Jennifer Banz of Low Carb with Jennifer, recommended cooking a whole chicken, breast down in the fryer, for 50 minutes.

Jennifer’s chicken was five pounds, while, with a smaller one, cooking time would be reduced.

After cooking the chicken breast down for 50 minutes, at 180°C, the chef flipped it and cooked it for another 10 minutes. She advised making sure that the internal temperature of the breast was 74°C.

Another of Muscle Food’s air fryer meals was an English breakfast. The experts said: “Preparing a full English breakfast can be a real hassle, especially if you’re pressed for time in the morning.

“However, by using an air fryer, a tasty fry up can be made in the same amount of time as a bowl of porridge.”

Mexican chicken is another dish that can easily be made in the air fryer. It is similar to the roast chicken dinner, but combined with vegetables and spices.

Muscle Food recommended popping paprika, lime, and garlic coated chicken into the appliance, long with sweet potatoes and sweetcorn “for a perfectly balanced meal in minutes”.

Chicken Kyiv is a meal that, Muscle Food said, “can be ready in just five minutes”.

The chefs continued: “You can also put a twist on this classic dish by adding jerk seasoning to create a Levi Roots’ Spiced Chicken Kyiv.”

Steak is another delicious meal that can be cooked in the air fryer.

“Air fryers can be used to cook impeccably tender and juicy steak in just 10 to 12 minutes,” Muscle Food explained. “Add some chips and veggies and you’ve got yourself a restaurant worthy meal.”

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