Can you make bread without yeast?

Bread is now high in demand thanks to COVID-19, as people scramble for necessities during the one or two times they are allowed to exit their homes during the lockdown. While most shelves remain bare, some people will have turned to making their own food, which is easier than it sounds.

Can you make bread without yeast?

People can make bread in a variety of ways, both with and without yeast depending on preference.

The preference once ignited controversy, as the eastern churches used leavened bread (with yeast) while the western churches used unleavened (without).

Naturally, each process produces different types of bread.


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While adding yeast to a bread recipe produces traditional loaves, nixing the ingredient creates flatbreads and naans.

Other traditional bread, such as Irish soda bread, also forego the yeast and include just flour, baking soda, buttermilk and salt.

Panic buying has meant many of these ingredients are no longer available, however.

People who find themselves with just water and flour need fear not, as it is also possible to make bread with just those two ingredients and some oil.

How to make bread with water, flour and oil

Just using four, water and oil in a bread mix will yield flatbreads, which are easy to make.

Flatbreads need take no longer than 30 minutes to prepare and another 10 to 30 to cook.

The following recipe from the BBC will yield roughly six flatbreads with just four ingredients.

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  • 200g (7oz) plain or wholemeal flour
  • 1/4 teaspoon of salt
  • 100 ml (3 1/4 oz) warm water
  • Two tablespoons of oil (olive, sunflower or vegetable) with more for cooking


  • Place the flour and water in a large bowl and slowly trickle in the water
  • Mix the flour and water, then add the oil and knead the dough for five minutes until soft
  • Divide the dough into four to six balls and roll them out with a rolling pin
  • Rub oil onto the surface of a large frying pan, before cooking each one for roughly two minutes on each side

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