Camilla shares ‘delicious’ Victoria Sponge recipe after reciting poem ‘No better pairing!’

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The Duchess of Cornwall has been a supporter of Poetry Together which brings young and old people together through “the joy of poetry”. After reciting a poem, the Duchess shared her favourite recipe for upcoming tea parties.

Camilla posted on the Instagram page of @clarencehouse a picture of her holding a well-presented Victoria Sponge.

The caption read: “In celebration of the return of @poetry_together tea parties this year, The Duchess has shared her recipe for a Victoria Sponge for young and old(er!) alike to enjoy after reciting a poem by heart together.

“Launched by @gylesbrandreth in 2019, the Poetry Together initiative aims to unite people of all ages through the power of poetry – and not forgetting plenty of tea and cake!

“After signing up, schools will be linked with their local care homes, allowing pupils and care home residents to come together to recite poetry together. This year’s events will be particularly special as schoolchildren and the elderly will be able to convene in person once again following last year’s event being forced online due to the pandemic.”


Four oz self-raising flour (110g), sifted

One teaspoon of baking powder

Four oz soft margarine or butter (110g), at room temperature

Four oz caster sugar (110g)

Two large eggs

Two or three drops of pure vanilla essence

The recipe also suggests adding lemon curd or jam (with optional fresh cream) or Nutella or your filling of choice and sifting icing sugar.

The Duchess starts by pre-heating the oven to the gas mark three or 170 degrees.

She then prepared two seven-inch sponge tins, no less than one inch deep, lightly greased and lined with greaseproof paper. She takes a large mixing bowl and sifts flours and baking powder, holding the sieve high to give the flour a good airing.

Camilla then adds all the other ingredients and whisks them, ideally with an electric hand whisk. If the mixture doesn’t drop off a wooden spoon easily when tapped on the side of the bowl, then add one or two teaspoons of tap-warm water, and whisk again.

The Duchess then divides the mix between two prepared tins, levels off and bakes for 30 minutes. When cooked she recommends leaving them in the tins for about 30 seconds, to then loosen the edges by sliding a palette knife and turn them onto a wire cooling rack.

Finally, she peels off the base papers carefully. When cool, it’s time to sandwich the cakes together with lemon curd, jam or Nutella, and dust with icing sugar.

The Poetry Together explained the Duchess is a fan of poetry but also chocolate.

To make a chocolate version simply swap the vanilla essence for one tablespoon of cocoa powder.

Many fans took to social media to comment on the stunning cake with one saying: “Delicious, I’d love that cake.”

Another commented: “Lovely,” with a third one saying: “I wanna make that!” 

The Poetry Together website also shared a poem which is presumably the one the Duchess of Cornwall recited this afternoon.

The old and the young went to tea

With a beautiful home-made cake.

It was Camilla’s version of Victoria sponge,

Delicious and easy to bake.

The old and young learnt a poem by heart

And performed it with their tea.

‘Let’s get together,’ they said,

‘Whatever the weather,’

‘Let’s get together,’ they said,

‘For poetry, cake and tea!

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