Brits are only just discovering that soy sauce bottles have 2 openings

French chef Pierre Schaeffer revealed the reason why soy sauce bottles have two openings in an Instagram video that has gone viral on the social media platform. Many social media users were shocked after discovering that they have been doing it wrong this whole time as most people don’t know which side of the lid they should be using.

According to the chef, soy sauce bottles have two holes for a reason, and in his video, he demonstrated the right way to pour the sauce out of a Kikkoman bottle, one of the most popular soy sauce brands.

In his social media channel @‌pierre.le.chef, the French chef explained: “Here is something that I learned that you will find useful.

“Ever wondered why there are two holes in the cap of this bottle?”

He then proceeded to pour soy sauce out of one of the two holes, and at the same time, he covered the hole that wasn’t being used.

When he did that, the soy sauce stopped pouring, and he explained that the second hole is actually there to help people control how much sauce they add to their dish.

The Instagram reels, however, sparked an online debate as many people commented that the hack could be unhygienic in a restaurant.

A social media user said: “Oh how my life has changed… thank you for this!” and another one commented: “No! I never understood why there were two holes! Amazing revelation! Thanks.”

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An Instagram user added: “Do people not understand basic physics…?” Others, however, opined that his hack was “gross”.

“I’m Malaysian, grew up with this at home and nobody I know does that here. Please don’t touch the spouts. It’s gross lol,” one said.

Another one added: “Goodness, I don’t think I’ll ever use soy sauce in a restaurant again.”

“Fine to do at home but not in public since the containers don’t indicate a set hole to cover.

“An amazing tip just not one the public should be doing at restaurants,” @‌ak_king opined.

Instagram user @‌fairypinefiberart agreed saying: “Just going to say that this is gross! I’ve never needed to touch the spout to regulate the flow of sauce.”

Another one, @‌littlemisskei, commented: “I’m Japanese and I’ve known this since I was a child. Very surprised this is gross to people.

“I understand in a restaurant setting, sure. But some of us use these bottles at home too.

“Some of you are a little too comfortable at restaurants to think that that’s the most disgusting thing you can use or touch.”

Experts at Tasting Table explained that the second spout is there “to control the speed of the soy sauce pour”.

“When the second hole is open it allows more airflow through the container, creating a quick, heavy pour of soy sauce. This is ideal for cooking, but can easily drown your sushi plate,” they added.

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