‘Beautifully fried crispy egg with that lovely runny yolk’ recipe

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Chef Hailee was trained at culinary school and cooked in restaurants for many years. The chef posts her recipes on her TikTok account @cafehailee, where she has 1.7M followers, and her Instagram, @cafehailee.

She showed “the best and easiest way to make a nice crispy fried egg”, leaving you with that delicious crispy brown whites and a lovely runny yolk. Hailee went on: “To show how versatile this method is, I’ll be making it in a nonstick and a stainless steel pan.

“So, I put my pan over medium heat with a good amount of olive oil on the bottom and I let that heat up. I like to crack my eggs into a cup first so that it’s not too hard to crack over the hot oil.

“And once your oil is nice and hot and shimmering, you could drop in your egg. It’s gonna bubble up quite a bit. So, just be careful.”

The chef then detailed a clever hack, that will help cook the white of the egg through without flipping the egg. Hailee explained: “A little trick that I like to do is kind of poke that thick white part that’s closest to the yolk.

“This helps make sure that the white cooks through and you don’t have any of that gross non-cooked white, and you essentially just let it cook over medium heat until it’s nice and crispy and the egg releases itself from the pan.

“You can also give it a little bit of a base as I did with the hot oil to ensure that the white part comes off and when the egg releases itself from the pan you know it’s ready to go. And as you can see it worked in both the nonstick and the stainless steel.”

How does she season her eggs? Hailee said: “I personally like to season my eggs after they’re cooked. So I just add a little bit of salt and pepper and you’re left with a beautifully fried crispy egg with that lovely runny yolk.”

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Fans were quick to praise the recipe. They said: “Loveeeee the crispy part MY FAV! and why did I never think to poke at the white!? AMAZING!”

Another wrote, “OMG THIS LOOKS SO GOOD. I’m doing this tomorrow,” while another said, “That is the most perfectly cooked egg I have ever seen.”

“That looks like to best egg ever I love the crispy outside!!” one said. Another said: “I am so excited to do this.”

One fan asked: “Sorry if you’ve said it already on another video…but where did you get your nonstick pan?”

Hailee responded she got her pan from the women-run, New York-based small business, Great Jones.

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