Amazon urgent food recall: Salmonella risk causes product warning – affected item here

Those who have recently shopped on Amazon should check their cupboards as an urgent recall warning has been issued for a product on their site. Urgent recall warnings are something which should not be ignored and a chilli powder product may contain traces of salmonella. Those affected by salmonella infection can experience extreme symptoms similar to food poisoning. It is a food borne illness and sufferers may be left feeling or being sick and with stomach cramps or aching muscles.

Amazon urgent recall: Salmonella risk causes Heera Chilli Powder recall

Heera Chilli Powder Extra Hot

The recall warning was issued by P & B Foods Ltd and they have recalled Heera Chilli Powder Extra Hot as salmonella was found in the product.

The affected products is in the pack size 6 x 1kg with the batch code of PB9446M/4.

The recall also applies to the product with the best before day of April 2021.

Although it does not appear to be stocked in any major supermarket, the product is still available to buy in stores.

Shops which sell the product have been issued with Point of Sale notices to put on display.

These notices will explain why the product is being recalled and tell people what they can do if they have it.

Shoppers who have bought the chilli powder are being urged not to eat it.

Instead, they are encouraged to return it to the store where it was purchased for a full refund.

The product is also no longer available to buy on Amazon.

No other P & B Foods Ltd products are known to be affected.

Recently, Waitrose, ASDA and Iceland were forced to recall products due to an allergy risk. 

Yorkshire Provender Rustic Vegetable Broth with Kale, Lentils & Quinoa Soup was recalled due to it containing milk not mentioned on the ingredient list.

Shazans 10 Bite Size Punjabi Vegetable Samosas were also recalled as they contained milk contents not mentioned on the label. 

ASDA recently recalled Galloway Coloured Medium Grated Cheddar.

This product was recalled as a precaution as it was thought it may contain listeria monocytogenes. 

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