Aldi's Releasing a Bottled Mango Mimosa This Summer (and It’s Under $9!)

Okay, we know mimosas aren’t particularly hard to make. After all, they’re just fruit juice and sparkling wine or Champagne. But there’s something about a pre-mixed bottle of mimosa that makes life (and brunch) easier. Especially when it tastes great, is made with fresh-squeezed mango juice, and can be found at Aldi for $8.99!

That’s right—you can pour four to five mimosas for under $9 at your next brunch! Here’s the thing, though: this mango-flavored mimo is an Aldi find for June, so it’s only available for a certain time. This one hits stores on June 19, so mark your calendars and run, don’t walk, to your nearest Aldi store.


We’re big fans of the bottled pineapple and orange mimosa flavors Aldi put out earlier this year, but they’re already becoming scarce in stores. So if you like up this mango version, load up your cart, because we don’t know how long it’ll stick around for.

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