Air fryer loaded toast is a ‘really quick’ fry-up alternative

Air fryers are loved for being quick to use and can cook almost anything that would normally be baked in an oven. When it comes to making breakfast, they are especially useful for one-pan recipes like bacon and eggs. A TikTok chef has shared her easy recipe for loaded toast – and it takes just 10 minutes.

Fry-ups and breakfast sandwiches aren’t just for the weekend, in fact, they can be made easily in just minutes using an air fryer.

Using her Ninja appliance, TikTok chef known as Mrs Airfry (@mrsairfry) showed her followers exactly how to make a quick “loaded toast” recipe.

She noted that the mix of bacon, eggs, and white toast is a “really quick and easy breakfast” – perfect for those in a rush.

Using two slices of white bread, one bacon rasher, and two eggs, the air fryer fan started by preparing the bread.

Using a spoon, the home cook started by pressing down on the bread to soften the dough and make it more flexible.

Then, to keep the raw egg from spilling over the bread while cooking, the TikTok chef used a glass ramekin to indent each slice of bread.

Next, she buttered the bread around the edges – taking care to avoid the circular section in the centre.

Just before putting the slices into the air fryer, “Mrs Airfryer” cracked one egg into the middle of the rounded indent.

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For this recipe to work, the slices of bread should be laid flat on the basket of the fryer, with no overlap.

Once in position, the chef added one raw bacon rasher cut into small strips to the fryer.

These should be placed around the egg for the best results, though still on the bread.

She then topped the loaded bread with grated cheese. At this point, any seasonings can also be sprinkled on top.

To cook the breakfast, the TikTok chef recommended setting the fryer to 190C for just 10 minutes.

The end result should be golden toast, lightly grilled cheese, and a fully cooked egg in the centre.

Not forgetting the crispy bacon rashers underneath which add extra flavour and crunch to the loaded toast.

Showing off her own results, the air-fryer-lover noted that the breakfast was “super delicious”.

The loaded toast is best served on its own, topped with sauce, or left plain. However, it can also be made as part of a quick fry-up.

When plated with sausages, beans, mushrooms, and tomatoes, home cooks can enjoy a full breakfast in just a fraction of the time.

For a different taste, white bread can be swapped for almost anything, including muffins or bagels.

And for scrambled eggs, it’s as easy as whisking up the raw mixture before placing it in the middle of the uncooked bread.

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