A New Mystery Oreo Flavor Will Arrive Later This Year

These days, Oreo is just as much a flavor testing lab as they are a cookie company. Though Oreos still ostensibly come in their original version (frankly, I’ve been too busy covering all of the cookie’s other iterations to check), in recent years, nearly the entirety of the brand’s marketing strategy has revolved around releasing new Oreo varieties — tweaking the taste, shape, amount of crème filling, and pretty much anything else within the limits of the law.

In fact, at one point, back in 2017, it seemed as if even Oreo itself couldn’t keep up: That summer, the world’s best-known cookie brand announced plans to release a “mystery flavor,” offering an opportunity to win $50,000 for anyone who could guess what it was. In December, Oreo revealed the correct answer: Fruity Pebbles Oreos — a bit of sly cross-promotion.

Even among their never-ending slew of new flavors, Mystery Oreos stood out by bringing the fans further into the mix. Now, Oreo is apparently looking to strike gold twice: Mystery Oreos are returning for 2019.

“For now, all we can share is a confirmation that a new Mystery flavor is, in fact, coming,” an Oreo spokesperson told me via email. The rep also offered up a new Mystery Oreo poem — because clearly a marketing team can only spend so much time dreaming up new flavors; sometimes they also have to unwind with a bit of verse. The poem reads:

We are excited to say,
A new mystery is on the way.
New flavor, new clues,
We confirm the news.
Get ready to free your inner detective,
You’ll need those skills to be effective.
The clues might be riddles, might be rhymes,
Guess the flavor, for a chance to win big this time.
There are many more surprises in store,
Keep an eye on the flip side of summer for more.

The Sphinx would be proud.

Based on the above, and assuming the new promotion works the same as the old one, the new Mystery Oreos will hit store shelves towards the end of summer, and the answer will be revealed later this year. Meanwhile, here’s one early tip to help your guessing: We can probably assume the cookie will be a new flavor, which means you can cross the — I don’t know —800,000 existing Oreo flavors off your list?

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