7-Eleven's Ice Cream Line Has 3 New Flavors, Including Lemon Meringue


With the weather heating up while the world remains a fairly miserable place, there’s never been a more vital time for ice cream. As you’ve probably noticed by now, there are a lot of choices in the freezer section. But at a time when some supply chains (especially those involving milk) have been thrown into disarray, it can’t hurt to have some additional options to choose from.

As Instagram food hunter @SnackGator has recently discovered, it turns out that 7-Eleven has its own brand of ice cream under the 7-Select Go!Yum [sic] imprint, a name which usefully emphasizes that you should go somewhere else besides 7-Eleven to eat this ice cream after you’ve purchased it. So far, it looks like they’ve got a handful of flavors, and are now adding Lemon Meringue, Malt Crunch, and “Brookie Dough” flavors to the mix.


7-Eleven is definitely our go-to for yummy and unique snacks. They have EVERYTHING! They even have their own snack brand – 7-Eleven Go! Yum, and they just recently introduced three new ice cream flavors: Lemon Meringue, Brookie Dough, and Malt Crunch. We were told that Lemon Meringue is a regional flavor.⁣ ⁣ Lemon Meringue has a lemon meringue ice cream with a lemon swirl and pie pieces. Brookie Dough is vanilla ice cream with caramel and chocolate swirls, plus chocolate chip cookie dough and brownie pieces. And Malt Crunch has malt flavored ice cream with fudge covered potato chips, chocolate-coated malt ball pieces, and salted pretzel swirls. Which of these flavors has you drooling the most?⁣ 🍦😋

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Here’s how those flavors break down: Malt Crunch combines malt-flavored ice cream with decadent fudge-covered potato chips, chocolate malt ball pieces, and a salty pretzel swirl. Lemon Meringue, supposedly “a regional flavor” in the words of @SnackGator, combines the flavors of lemon meringue with a lemon swirl and a bit of crunch from pie pieces to really seal the deal. And the “Brookie” in Brookie Dough isn’t a weird way of letting you know someone named Brooke came up with this flavor. Instead, it refers to the combination of chocolate cookie dough and brownie pieces that you’ll find hidden in the vanilla ice cream with caramel and chocolate swirls.

While 7-Select Go!Yum has been around for a while, it looks like these new flavors are here just in time for us to eat our feelings. In fact, why not go crazy and just do an at-home taste test of all three (provided you’re in a place where the Lemon Meringue is available) just to make sure they’re all tasty. I mean, you may not be going to the beach this summer anyway, so now is the time to truly embrace an ice cream-driven lifestyle.


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