5 Organizations That Support Black Farmers and Food Justice

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Food injustice runs deep in the United States. These groups (among many, many others) are working to fix this systemic problem through education, advocacy, and sustainability. 

How can you help advance Black food sovereignty? You can start by researching and supporting the following organizations: 

1. Black Church Food Security Network

What Do They Do? The Baltimore-based Black Church Food Security Network works to advance food and land sovereignty by connecting historically African American church congregations in both rural and urban communities around the country. 

How Do They Do It? The organization works to establish agricultural projects on church-owned land by linking “congregations for niche farmer’s markets which happen inside places of worship,” according to its website. It also creates asset maps of Black Churches and their communities to help them leverage resources and empower historically marginalized areas. 

How Can You Help? You can volunteer at one of the organization’s sites or make a financial contribution (donate here). 

Find more information here. 

2. National Black Food and Justice Alliance

What Do They Do? The National Black Food and Justice Alliance is a coalition of organizations that work toward “cultivating and advancing Black leadership, building Black self-determination, Black institution building and organizing for food sovereignty, land and justice.”

How Do They Do It? They advance toward this goal by organizing communities, advancing Black-led visions for just and sustainable communities, and increasing visibility of Black narratives, achievements, and work.  

How Can You Help? You can become a member of the NBFJ here and donate here. 

Find more information here. 

3. Black Urban Growers Association

What Do They Do? Black Urban Growers builds networks and community support for growers in rural and urban settings. They nurture Black food and farm leaders through education and advocacy. 

How Do They Do It? By organizing and hosting community events that focus on food, the organization addresses issues related to food justice. Black Urban Growers hosts a national conference that brings together Black farmers and food justice advocates to share resources and build a stronger network. 

How Can You Help? You can donate to Black Urban Growers here. 

Find more information here. 

4. Rise and Root Farm

What Do They Do? New York-based organization Rise and Root Farm engages rural and urban communities through food and farming. The farm is dedicated to “increasing the number of people growing and eating good food,” according to its website.

How Do They Do It? Rise and Root Farm, which is inclusive of all races, genders, and sexualities, works with community gardens and urban farms in and outside of New York City. 

How Can You Help? Financially donate to Rise and Root Farm here or donate plants to a local gardener or farmer here. 

Find more information here. 

5. SoilGeneration

What Do They Do? A Black- and Brown-led coalition, SoilGeneration aims to “ensure people of color regain community control of land and food, to secure access to the resources necessary to determine how the land is used, address community health concerns, grow food and improve the environment.”

How Do They Do It? According to the organization’s website, these goals are accomplished through relationship building, honoring culture, community education, organizing, activism, and advocacy (or a “people’s agroecology).” 

How Can You Help? You can donate to SoilGeneration here. 

Find more information here.

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