This 60-Year-Old Drinks a Beer in the Most Impressive Way Possible

Since it’s 2015 we will assume that at least a bare majority of you readers practice yoga. So what do you do when you go to the studio?  A little down dog? A little half moon? A little beer swigger?  Wait, what was that last one? Over Thanksgiving weekend Alyse Schiedler of from Oregon recorded her stepdad Paul getting a pint of beer off his forehead and drinking it down all without using his hands. Check out the video above to see a 60-year-old man perform some contortions we are certainly incapable of all in the name of a cold brew. We know this is not the most practical way to drink a beer and it probably goes against at least one of the principles of yoga, but it definitely makes him the coolest stepdad out there. We want to see the guy who taught Paul though. Apparently he can do it with an entire pitcher. Maybe next Thanksgiving. 

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