GoPro Goes to the East Village's Top Espresso Den

In New York’s East Village, Jamie McCormick operates one of the quirkiest, greatest coffee shops in the country. Abraço is smaller than a Starbucks storage closet but jam-packed with high-end espresso gear, astoundingly delicious pastries made by partner Liz Quijada, and an audiophile-grade sound system that plays vinyl from ’60s jazz icons and vintage Brazilian pop legends. These factors help make it a culty favorite for New York’s sommeliers and chefs, though there’s also McCormick’s intensely potent and delicious espresso. For each shot, McCormick uses up to four times the ground coffee that goes into a standard Italian espresso (many shops use more than that standard, but this is uncharted territory). “That’s why you’re tasting coffee and not just milk,” he explains enthusiastically—and very quickly. (We didn’t have to speed up his video very much.) On a recent weekend morning, he donned a GoPro and made this fantastic cappuccino.


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