Disney World Is Now Allowing Guests To Take Off Their Masks For Photos

Despite the adjustments made around the park to ensure safety, this new rule will allow people to snap memories of their trip that show their smiling faces which they were unable to do before. There is a full list of guidelines regarding necessary face coverings at the park, including which materials are allowed versus those that are not, available on […]

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Coffee Lovers Need To Try Aldi’s Mocha Mascarpone Cheesecake

Someone on Reddit recently tried the coffee-inspired cheesecake and said it’s “fire.” Since the product fuses cheesecake and mocha flavor, it’d be hard for it to be a letdown. Plus, you can always add to it! Some fresh raspberries or a dusting of cinnamon on top could really take it to the next level. If a coffee-flavored dessert alongside your […]

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