Starbucks Now Makes Instant Coffee In 3 Different Roast Flavors

Instant coffee may not be your typical go-to when you’re picking up your groceries for the week but it’s a quick and easy option for those who aren’t familiar with making their own coffee or have yet to commit to a high-tech coffee machine. I should also remind you that instant coffee is one of the key ingredients to the […]

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Wendy’s Has A New Pineapple Mango Lemonade That Tastes Like Vacation

Nothing measures up to a cup of crisp lemonade on a warm and sunny day. Wendy’s already has their lemonade available in flavors like Tropical Berry and Strawberry, and the brand new Pineapple Mango is an option to round out their lemonade selection. The acidic taste of classic lemonade pairs well with the punch of pineapple and the tropical sweetness […]

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